During the last few decades in southwest Nigeria, a series of pipeline oil spills has caused catastrophic environmental damage, contaminating soil, water, and the ecosystem of the region, endangering the lives of local residents.

BluePlanet is proud to be among five companies selected to work on developing effective oil cleanup in the area, for the long term benefit of the environment and the Nigerian people. Using our bacteria—grown onsite and acclimatized for the local conditions—we aim to sustainably and efficiently remediate the vast majority of all hyrdocarbon pollution in the treated areas.

Breaking New Ground
BluePlanet has pioneered environmental remediation applications throughout the world, dealing with a range of contaminants including carcinogenic pesticides and hydrocarbons. Each project is designed to employ the local workforce. We educate them on product application and develop long-standing positive relationships with communities, as well as with their local governments.

We grow bacteria with on-site brewing technology that utilizes specific nutrients to stimulate enzyme production targeted at specific pollutions. In Nigeria, we are using ACF-HYDRO, a highly effective and targeted product aimed at cleaving the bonds of hydrocarbon molecular chains.

Using water that contains both the bacteria and nano bubbles of oxygen, we flood a series of 4-foot-deep pilot holes throughout the contaminated area. The bacteria then goes to work degrading the petroleum contaminants, which can sometimes be found as deep as 15 feet. This process has proven to be both effective and economical. When properly applied, we can achieve remediation of 95 percent of contaminants within four to six weeks.

Positive Outcomes
The pollution itself is only the most visible symptom of the problem in Nigera. The consequences of the pollution—and of cleaning it up—are far reaching. We aim to restore the productivity of farmland so food levels will increase. We will also make an impact on water quality, increasing the amount of potable water available in the area.

By attacking the problem at the source, we can drastically reduce the amount of oil contamination that is negatively impacting the lives of so many people, setting up the region for a brighter future.