• Expertise in formulating and stabilizing a wide range of bacteria strains into specific applications with increased targeted efficacies.
  • Unique ability to develop bacteria-specific products with broad selection of genuses and species.
  • Distinctive know-how to stabilize formulas through complex methods of biochemical and process technologies.
  • Bacteria formulas grown and stabilized for long shelf lives and easy applications in the field.


  • Increased crop production with measured yield increases of 20%-200%.
  • Improved soil condition and crop quality.
  • Improved plant vitality and resistance to stress.
  • Lower dependency on chemicals and water.
  • Shorter grow-out time and faster to market.


  • Tailored wastewater treatment in a variety of systems.
  • Improvement in wastewater systems capacity by up to 45% without any capital expenditures.
  • Significantly lower sludge production and on-going maintenance costs.


  • Significantly lower in-situ costs.
  • Ability to restore natural balance of waterways.
  • Rapid clean-up of hydrocarbon/oil spills in polluted soil.
  • Reduced agriculture runoffs and downstream impact.


  • Hundreds of positive, in-situ trials conducted in over 35 countries across a diverse range of applications and climatic conditions.
  • Third party studies from universities, government authorities and other internationally recognized experts conducted in 15 countries across all applications.
  • Agricultural registrations received or soon to be received in the European Union, the United States, Central America, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Kenya, and South Africa.


  • Improved fish farm production by up to 150%.
  • Increased survival rates.
  • Reduced feed requirements.
  • Improved water quality, significantly reduces ammonia.
  • Faster growth rates.
  • Reduced chemical dependency.


  • Greater production of biomass for energy conversion.
  • Increased methane production efficiencies in anaerobic digesters by up to 100%.
  • Significant economic benefits for AD Operator bottom-lines.


BluePlanet, with years of practical experience in worldwide applications, has developed biologically unique formulas to address the specific needs of:

  • Agriculture…including soil and crop yield enhancement.
  • Aquaculture…including water quality in hatcheries and grow-out ponds/tanks.
  • Industrial…including specialized wastewater, oil cleanups, and grease traps.
  • Municipal…including wastewater treatment improvements in all systems from the most technically demanding to the simplest pass through lagoons.
  • Environmental…including cleaning up downstream pollution from industry or agriculture, as well as contaminated soil from oil spills and farm runoff.