Poultry Layer Barn

Manure Management Composting Method

  • Layer Litter composting time reduced from 32 days to 27 days with the application of Aqua Clean.
    • ACF-32 applied during aeration process twice weekly
    • No bacteria product was used in the Control
    • Treated layer litter achieved a process temperature of 38c while the control temperature did not surpass 27c.
  • Results:
    • Better settling, nutrient composition and fertilizer value with no presence of odors.

Manure Compost – Below Barn Method


  • ACF-32 treated litter significantly reduced compost time by 30% or 15 days, exceeding expectations
  • Odor was significantly reduced, allowing for land-farming without neighbor complaints
  • Compost had better settling qualities and nutrient composition / concentration


French Bean In-Field Composting

  • Farmers typically must remove the plants post-harvest as the time required to compost in-field takes far too long, produces strong odors and attracts harmful flies.
  • With the spray application of ACF-32, in-field composting became viable which resulted in significant labor cost savings and an improved nutrient profile for the finished product.


Sugar Cane – Cachaza Composting

Cachaza is a by-product of sugar production consisting of the remaining solids after juice extraction. Objective was to accelerate process time and improve compost quality as a bio-fertilizer.

Cachaza Quality

Improved mineralization and increased nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium concentrations by 22%, 24% and 26% respectively while reducing salt content by 53%.



  • Organic waste is layered in shed, consisting of 5 cm of poultry manure, chopped straw and mortality
  • AquaClean is sprayed on top of each layers and applied until the compost mixture reaches 1.5m
  • This process is completed in approximately 52 days
  • The temperature begins to decrease between 30 to 40 days indicating that the material has been digested. When temperature drops to 30°C, biomass is considered ready for use as fertilizer similar to brown humus