Manure Management

Feedlot in Veracruz, Mexico

  • Ranch capacity: 22,000 head of cattle
  • 15 retention pits collect the manure before flowing into the lagoons
  • Manure then flows into a gravity fed, dual lagoon system


  • Contamination of the river that runs through the property
  • Neighbor complaints of odors and solids
  • Pressure and fines from the EPA


  • Eliminate the organic waste matter in all lagoons
  • Eliminate the organic crusts covering the lagoons
  • Improve the quality of the discharge water
  • Stop polluting the river and downstream restoration

Treatment Using AquaClean ACF-32

Four Months – Goals Accomplished


  • Removal of hard organic matter cover and significant reduction of organic sludge in all of the lagoons
  • Biological remediation of the lagoons without the need for chemicals or expensive dredging techniques
  • Final effluent quality met discharge requirements
  • River was restored to its natural state and wildlife returned


South Korea Swine Production

  • Problems: Thick crust over lagoon causing strong odors
  • ACF-32 was applied directly to the lagoon with the following results:
    • After 3 weeks –floating solids were reduced and broken up
    • After 4 weeks – solids were dissolved into slurry form
    • After 5 weeks – all floating solids were eliminated
    • Final – total odor elimination and reduction in BOD of 70%
    • Effluent discharge requirements were met
  • Created land farming opportunity
    • No odor when applied to fields
    • Increased fertilizer value
    • Corn yield increased by 50%


Poultry Broiler Bedding

AquaClean, diluted and applied to bedding

  • Significant ammonia reduction
  • Increased bedding utility
  • Dosage rate:
    • 4 Liters of ACF-32 per 1,000 m2
    • Applied twice during 6 week grow-out


BioGas – Methane from Swine Manure


  • Increase in BioGas – methane production rose by 30%
  • Significant reduction in Hydrogen Sulfide H2S and corrosion of equipment
  • Reduction of sludge generation resulting in lower maintenance and handling costs
  • Increase in fertilizer value of discharge effluent
  • Odorless land-farming