Xiba River, Kunming, China

Treatment Objectives:

  • Reduce Levels of Pollutants in River: BOD, COD, Total Nitrogen, Phosphate, Total Suspended Solids, etc.
  • Restore Habitat Suitable for Higher Microscopic Life Forms and Other Aquatic Life
  • Reduce Odors in the Vicinity of the River


  • Treat Flowing River Without Impeding Flow, with Minimum Disruption to River and Surrounding Areas
  • Treat at Reasonable, Sustainable Costs

Treatment Program:

  • Model River, Establish Monitoring Points to Prove Effectiveness of Model
  • Use “Bio-Media Zones” to Establish Fixed Film to
    • Treat river in media zones and…
    • Release microorganisms to treat river further downstream of media zones

Xiba River Remediation Project

Process Diagram for Treatment



  • Significantly Reduced Odors in First 30 Days
  • Up to 60% Reduction in Most Pollutants
  • Higher Life Forms Returned After 60 Days
  • Aquatic Life Began to Thrive After 90 Days
  • “The Toxicity Was Eliminated from the River” – Dr. Hu Kaelin, Professor, University of Kunming