Solid Waste

Solid Landfill Application

Municipal Landfill Vietnam, eliminated odors sustainably

  • Used AquaClean for “Odor Control”
  • Diluted 1:100 with fresh water
  • Sprayed evenly at ½ Liter per m2 over surface of newly dump waste
  • Completely eliminate bad odor
  • Improve organic break up in solid waste, better waste compaction
  • Improve leachate water quality


Construction and Demolition Landfill

Construction Recovery Disposal Facility, USA

  • ACF-32 & ACF-SA diluted and applied through injection wells
  • BOD reduced by 23%, COD by 70%
  • H2S in leachate reduced to non-detectable levels, odor eliminated
  • Reduced Ammonia by 19% and Phosphate by 50%
  • Reduced transportation costs for leachate removal