Crop Yield

Chili Pepper Trial in Peru

  • Treated with 4 Liters of ACF-SR per Ha / Month
  • Increased Crop Yield by 35%


Spring Wheat Mexico

SR+ Plants produced 75% more seed stems than the Control:

  • Normal plants have 4 to 7 seed stems
  • ACF-SR+ plants had 7 to 10 seed stems
  • Faster growth and development
  • Increased wheat production by 60%


Micro-Crops in Ireland

Italian Rocket, Baby Leaf, Spinach, Purple Chard:

  • Using ACF-SR improved plant vitality and root development
  • No chemicals, therefore no harvest delays
  • Improved yield and leaf quality


Avocado Trial in Kenya

  • Trial conducted in 7 year old grove
  • Applied product by drip irrigation
  • Treated with 4 Liters of ACF-SR+ per Ha every two weeks for the first 2 months and then one application monthly
  • Yield was measured in crates and weight
    • Increased crates by 145%
    • Increased weight by 165%
    • The fruits were of better quality and more uniform in size


Strawberries in Mexico

  • Greater consistency and uniformity
  • Better, more intense color
  • Larger in size than control
  • Taste better, sweeter, increased brix
  • More fruits per plant, bigger crowns
  • Increased yield by 45%


Banana Plantation – Guatemala

Banana production in Guatemala is expanding very quickly and represents an important export crop.  Bananas are harvested on a continuous basis, and, therefore, the plantations are actually harvested year round.

Dosage and Application

ACF-SR PLUS was applied to the banana crop through the irrigation system via a large holding tank through which pesticides and fertilizers are normally added.

The trial was conducted on a 5 Ha plot with a dosage of 3 liters per month of ACF-SR PLUS per hectare via daily irrigation.

Root Growth


After 5 months, the root growth of the banana trees had significantly improved in comparison to the control.  This was evidenced by the number and size of roots present in the photograph which ultimately resulted in a stronger plant structure and a greater ability to withstand high winds from seasonal storms.

Banana Yield Production

After 5 months, the treated area showed an increased banana yield of 19% as measured by overall weight.  The treated banana trees showed significant increases in size, volume and the number of healthy new roots visible.  Additionally, floor litter composting was significantly accelerated and produced a better nutrient profile which resulted in a significant reduction of subsequent fertilizer expense.



Lettuce in Mexico

  • ACF-SR Plants recovered from root stress while the control did not
  • Better quality heads for export were produced
  • Increased plant growth with more intense color in the leaves was observed
  • 38% overall increase in production of lettuce as measured by weight