Waste Water

Barrydale Winery & Distillery – South Africa

  • Wastewater had extremely high COD, and complaints on odor were wide spread
  • After six weeks of treatment with ACF-32 the COD dropped by 94% and will continue to improve with maintenance dosing
  • Odor was eliminated after only 10 Days


COD Chart after a six week treatment with AquaClean ACF-32


Dairy and Juice Plant in Panana

  • Objectives:
    • Clean Lagoons
    • Degrade Grease and Oils
    • Eliminate Odors
    • Restore Environment
  • 8 weeks after the initial application the lagoon system was free of grease, solids and odors.
  • No further complaints from the surrounding community
  • Aquatic life returned


Blue Jean – Textile Pass – Through Lagoon

This is a Gravity Feed Lagoon System

Influent from the Blue Jean Stone Washing Plant enters the first lagoon, is pH balanced to 7, and then treated with AquaClean in Lagoon One and Two…and then flows through 5 more lagoons, and is discharged some 30 Days later into a receiving stream at 3 BOD


Coca-Cola Bottling Plant – El Salvador

Beverage Bottling Plant Results:

  • Reduction in COD from > 2000 ppm to < 200 ppm
  • Reduction in Turbidity from >30 NTU to < 15 NTU


Palm Oil Mill Effluent Pond, Malaysia

Grease Trap – Singapore Coffee Shop

  • Eliminated bad smell from traps
  • Degraded FOGs in grease trap
  • Reduced need for pumping trap
  • Prevented pipe clogging
  • Improved flow and water quality to sewer line


Dairy and Cheese Factory in South Africa

Wastewater Irrigation Lagoon

  • 180,000 m3 wastewater storage lagoon
  • Effluent irrigated by sprayer over 45 Hectare of grass for grazing livestock (120 cattle)
  • April 2012 average COD in lagoon – 2,650
  • DAFT removed 3 dumpsters of fat weekly
  • Huge odor complaints when irrigating on field
  • Treated at the DAFT Skimmer with 1 Liter of ACF-32 per day
  • Results by September:
    • Average COD in lagoon – 1,112 – 60% reduction
    • Reduced dumpster loads of fat per week by 83%
    • Odor completely eliminated
    • Irrigated grass growing at much higher rate and provided a much better quality grass for grazing


Klein Karoo International Tannery

Oudtshoorn, South Africa


  • Significant Reduction of COD, BOD, FOGs and TSS
  • Elimination of Bad Odors
  • 80% Reduction of Sludge
  • 60% Increase in Through-Put


Chicken Abbatoir, México

  • Broiler Processing Plant with problems with waste water treatment system
  • Capacity: 300,000 broilers per day
  • System design: Holding Tank flowing to…WWS to…Finishing Oxidation Lagoon


  • Problems with Sulfur Odor (H2S)
  • Expensive Handling and Removal Costs of grease and fat
  • Disposal of 30-40 MT of sludge per day ($95,000 pesos/month)
  • WWTP under capacity for the amount of broilers processed
  • Pollution of the Receiving River
  • Public complaints about Odor & Visual Pollution
  • Pending Environmental Penalties


  • Improve water quality parameters… BOD, COD, TSS
  • Reduce fats in the effluent discharge
  • Eliminate Odors
  • Reduce Costs
  • Meet EPA regulations


  • After 3 months, ACF-32 had accomplished all the objectives
    • Odor was eliminated
    • Through-Put was managed
    • Reduced sludge generation, and saved 35,000 pesos/month
    • Water Quality meet EPA Regulations